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Thanksgiving Feels

Candi Anderson

Posted on November 23 2016

Thanksgiving Feels

Thanksgiving Feels: Here's what we're thankful for...

Can you believe it’s already November; November’s almost over?!

Don’t blink or you’ll be frantically shopping for your New Year’s outfit (No worries.. We’ve got you covered!). Before we jump into all of the holiday fun that December and January bring, we have to remember to stop and give thanks for all that we love this Thanksgiving – besides the yummy food!

We asked some of our corporate peeps what they’re thankful for this year:

I’m thankful for my family and all of God’s blessings.”
Debbie, CFO, Superwoman, Sweetheart Extraordinaire


I’m thanking God for the opportunity to travel to Europe with my wife earlier this year!
Stephen, Director of E-commerce, Tech Guru, Problem Solver Extraordinaire


 “I want to give thanks for my ever-growing family; my husband and my baby on the way. This year has been filled with so many new experiences,  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
 Elise, Creative Director, Color Fanatic, Multitasking Graphic Designer Extraordinaire


A lot has happened this year for me and I’ve grown so much. I’m very thankful for all the people that have supported me through this journey, my family, friends, and all my amazing co-workers. I love you all!”
Bri, Buying Assistant, Party Babe, Festival Junkie Extraordinaire


2016 has been a wild ride! Through it all, one thing has remained constant and that is the bond I share with my siblings. Truly my best friends, I am so grateful to be close in age with my brother and sister. Being able to be my raw, unedited self and to be constantly reminded the beauty of that self by my siblings is irreplaceable. They give me life and are really incredible and talented individuals to top it off. I’m thankful for family.
Jordan, Social Media Guru, Intern, Model Extraordinaire


The gratitude doesn’t have to stop when the table is cleared on Thanksgiving!

Create a gratitude journal specifically for documenting what you’re thankful for, and at the end of each day spend about 15 minutes writing down what you loved. This will help you lower your stress levels, give you a new sense of peace, and a fresh perspective for all the magic around you. Had a bad day? Flip through your gratitude journal and remember all the good things in your life. There are so many reasons to smile and give thanks! 🙂


Photo courtesy of Canadian Living Magazine

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